Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Our environmental activities shall be based on the realization of the earth’s limited resources and  nature’s limited ability to handle the load of human activity. We will contribute to a more ecologically sustainable society through effective priorities and resource-saving measures in our daily work, something that both employees and guests to be proud of.

We therefore commit ourselves to:

  • By a wide margin fulfill the requirements imposed on our operations in the Swedish laws and regulations on environmental issues.
  • Reduce our energy and water consumption by efficient heat regulation and through the use of compact fluorescent lamps, motion-sensor lighting and resource-efficient plumbing products. Furthermore, we continually monitor our consumption of energy and water and take measures where necessary.
  • Always consider the environment when purchasing goods and services and to choose the most environmentall-friendly option to the greatest extent possible. We will effectively conserve our resources and recycle used materials whenever possible.
  • To work actively with our action plan for continuous improvement within the environmental issues. In the action plan we take into account the requirements of our environmental partners Green Key sets on our business. The Action Plan contains intended action(s), goal-setting, responsibility for improvement, start date and end date.
  • Anchor the environmental awareness among our guests and team members through ongoing information and education.


Our goals

Connect Hotel’s goal for 2015  is to reduce the use of chemicals and replace them with more environmentall-friendly alternatives that contribute to a better life. We do the best we can but it is also important for us that our guests can be involved in this process if they wish to. Therefore we have decided to pick up some organic options for our breakfast buffet which you get to choose among. We have also chosen to serve water from jugs at our conferences, and making use of environmentall-friendly paper and pencils.

We are keen that everyone takes responsibility for the environment and our aim is to continually educate and inform our employees about our environmental and our policies to make them feel engaged and involved in this important issue.

We are always striving to improve our environmental efforts and hope that you as our guest, will be part of it.

Stockholm 2015-01-15
Finn Andresen och Thomas Söderlund
The owner of Connect Hotels