About us at Connect Hotels

Joy, Enthusiasm and Pride.


Total of 632 rooms and over 1,100 beds

Connect Hotel carries on hotel operations into 4 units and was founded in 2005 by Finn Andresen and Thomas Söderlund. 

The hotels are: Connect Hotel Arlanda, Connect Hotel Stockholm (Stockholm International Fairs), Connect Hotel Skavsta, Connect Hotel City in Stockholm city center and Connect Hotel Kista (Kistamässan). Connect Hotel has a total of 632 rooms and over 1,100 beds. The company is a member of Visita and thus follow the full Visitas ethics programs.

Our strategy

The strategy is to focus ourselves on offering hotel with a warm lounge atmosphere and feeling of home. With the help of our values and our guiding principles used in recruitment, induction, information (employee handbook), performance reviews, meetings, training, staff meetings, etc. we will have a dedicated staff who, with joy and pride to ensure that our guests receive a warm stay in our hotels.

Bastu Kista Connect Hotels

More about us

Our core values

Connect Guest, Connect Atmosphere and Connect Clean.

Our mission

Connect Hotel represents an enlightened, modern quality concept. We are located at strategic locations and offering a stylish accommodation with warm atmosphere at an attractive price.

Our keywords

Joy, Enthusiasm and Pride.


Götalandsvägen 218
125 44 Älvsjö
Phone +46 8-4200 3000
Fax +46 8-749 61 70

Property – Owner, Thomas Söderlund
HR/Payroll, Heli Kugel
Financial, Cecilia Lehman

Our General managers

Connect Hotel City

Thomas Söderlund

Connect Hotel Stockholm

Thomas Söderlund

Connect Hotel Skavsta

Pontus Carlzon

Connect Hotel Arlanda

Gustaf Söderlund

Connect Hotel Kista

Petra Emtner