At Connect Hotels, we take responsibility even for things that occur outside the hotels. We strive to be a conscious hotel chain and work with care. This can be seen through a range of projects that Connect Hotels work with today. Our priority project is the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation . We believe that all companies can participate and influence on different levels. For us it is important to provide our guests and our staff with the opportunity to work for a better world – a world without childhood cancer. We are contributing through a variety of activities throughout the year. Our keywords are joy, enthusiasm and pride. Being able to influence, gives these words a higher meaning and we also believe that this cooperation with the Swedish Childhood Foundation will strengthen our teams at the hotels.

About the organization
The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation’s vision is to eradicate cancer in children. In having this goal for more than 30 years, today approximately 80% of children affected by cancer survive. So was not the case in the 70’s when the figure was a mere 20%. The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation is the largest financial provider for child cancer research in Sweden – without any donations from the Government, municipal counties or the health service. Research can only continue thanks to the generous donations from the general public, companies and organizations.